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Text Box: JOHN -RIVERS OF LIVING WATER: God has given us four Gospels in the Bible to tell about the life of our Saviour on earth. Each Gospel shows the Lord Jesus Christ in a different way. Matthew shows Him as the King of the Jews, Matthew 27.37. Mark shows Him as the perfect Servant. Mark 10.45. Luke tells about Him as the Son of Man who loves all people and died for all, Luke 9.22; 19.10.Some of the things the Lord Jesus said and did are recorded in all four Gospels, but there are a number of things told in the Gospel of John that are not mentioned in the others. We read only in John that we must be born again, that Christ has gone to prepare a place for us in His Father's house, that we can come to the Father only through Christ, and many others. Rivers of Living Water is a study in John’s Gospel.
Text Box: Thessalonians: Paul’s letter to the church in Thessonalica, a letter of comfort regarding the dead in Christ and the Lord’s coming.
Text Box: Timothy and Titus: Is God interested in young people? He certainly is! Just think of
Joseph, Samuel, David, Jonathan or Daniel. Paul was a young man when God began working in his life. And Paul had a special interest in another young man named Timothy. He wrote two letters to him. He calls him a Man of God, 1 Timothy 4.12; 6.11.
Text Box: EZRA NEHEMIAH ESTHER: The book of Ezra opens with some surprising words, “The
Lord stirred up the spirit of Cyrus, King of Persia.” Why would the Lord stir up the spirit of a heathen king? This was written after the Jews had been in captivity for 70 years. Why had the Lord allowed His people to be captives all that time?


Timothy and Titus
Text Box: James - Prove your faith:  Study in the book of James—practical principles for Christian living.
Text Box: REVELATION: Revelation is the last book of the Bible and a very important and exciting one. In Scripture God has graciously revealed Himself to all who will read it. We can learn that God created all things, that Christ died for all men, and that the Holy Spirit lives in all believers today. But in Revelation God gives us even more—an exciting picture of His future plans. Think of God telling man what He is going to do!
Text Box: DANIEL The prophet Daniel was born in the royal family in Judea about the year 620 Before Christ. His name means God is my Judge. The word judge in the Old Testament often means the one who will prove that a man is right when others say he is wrong. In this way God was Daniel's Friend.
Daniel was a captive in Babylon and still a young man when he became famous for his wisdom and his good life. Ezekiel was
another prophet of God living in Babylon about the same time and by the Holy Spirit he spoke of Daniel as being very wise; and
he named Daniel along with Noah and Job as three righteous men, Ezekiel 14.14,20; 28.3.
Text Box: PSALMS: First read the psalm for the day, then study the Notes which explain it. These Notes will help you to under stand God’s Word. Other verses from the Bible will help you to understand hard verses in the Psalms. Only the verses in the Bible are the Word of God. You
should look for every verse and try to understand what it means. Study God’s Word every day.