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Text Box: WORDS OF CHRIST: He whom God sent speaks the words of God, John 3.34 All Scripture is inspired, but the words spoken by God the Son are of special interest to us who love Him. So if you love Him, read on.
Why are the words of Christ of such great importance? Well, first, because He spoke the words of God.
Text Box: JESUS CHRIST, GOD THE SON: All sixty-six books of the Holy Bible give glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Old Testament books look forward to Him; the four gospels look at Him; the rest of the New Testament looks back to Him, and forward to His coming again. Christ is the center of all the ages. As God He is the most important Person in the universe. As Man He is the most important Human of the whole world.


Words of Christ
Names of Christ
Jesus Christ, God the Son

Text Box: NAMES OF CHRIST: The most important Person in the Universe is our Lord Jesus Christ, and He has the greatest names of all. The Bible tells us many of these names, and we will consider many of them in this book.
God the Father wants to give honor to His Son, so we should ask Him to help us understand what each name means. Then give thanks to the Lord Jesus for what He is and what He does.