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Text Box: PROPHECIES ABOUT CHRIST: The Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God. As God He is able to know all things, past, present and future. Here on earth He spoke many things; some were prophecies of things still future at that time.His words shall never pass away. All His prophecies have been, or will be, fulfilled. 
Text Box: DANIEL The prophet Daniel was born in the royal family in Judea about the year 620 Before Christ. His name means God is my Judge. The word judge in the Old Testament often means the one who will prove that a man is right when others say he is wrong. In this way God was Daniel's Friend.
Daniel was a captive in Babylon and still a young man when he became famous for his wisdom and his good life. Ezekiel was
another prophet of God living in Babylon about the same time and by the Holy Spirit he spoke of Daniel as being very wise; and
he named Daniel along with Noah and Job as three righteous men, Ezekiel 14.14,20; 28.3.



Prophecies about Christ